The network is a collaboration between researchers in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The network activities take place from October 2010 to September 2013.

The network is organized into four national groups with one group leader for each group:

During its lifetime, the network will organize the following five seminars:

  1. Two-day seminar, University of Eastern Finland, on May 24 – 25 2011. Planned theme: Interpersonal trust development between actors within organizations.
  2. Two-day seminar, Roskilde University, November 23-24 2011. Planned Theme: Trust in a process perspective.
  3. Two-day seminar, Harstad University College, May 8-9 2012. Planned theme: Trust and leadership in a Nordic context.
  4. Two-day seminar, Chalmers University of Technology, November 6-7  2012. Planned theme: Institutionalizing and formalizing trust.
  5. Two-day seminar, X University, April 2013. Publications of the network. International publications to be finalized.

The seminars are symposia, in which there is a mutual exchange of research and research ideas among senior researchers and doctoral students. All seminars are open both for PhD students and for senior researchers.Each seminar contains a section giving feedback on papers from PhD students.

An overarching theme for the seminars is organizational trust in a Nordic context and process perspectives on trust. In addition to this, each seminar will focus on a particular theme.

To participate in a seminar, participants generally must submit a paper. Group leaders will urge members to do so.

Papers from participants outside the network can be accepted by appointment.

Submitted papers can have different forms dependent on circumstance:

  • “Work in progress” or “short papers”, which will receive feedback on the seminar and be presented again at a subsequent seminar in a more developed form.
  • “Full paper” like a full conference paper.
  • “Finalised article” which has already been submitted to a journal.

Registration requires that participants contact one of the group leaders, i.e. there is not an open call for paper. Participants must obtain a password to register at the network’s homepage.

Registering for seminars must be completed within two months before each seminar. Papers must be uploaded at least one month before the seminar.

For further information contact one of the group leaders or project leader Lars Fuglsang.